If you don't notice me, then I did my job right!

Heya! I am a girl and I'm into guys, Harry Potter (books and movies), Doctor Who (new), Sherlock (Sherlock/Watson), Princess Bride (Inconceiveable!), Dr. Horrible's: Sing-Along Blog (Random Happen stance!), Buffyverse, Whedonverse, how i met your mother (The olive theory works), Firefly (Shiny!), StarKid (redvines what the hell cant they do!), Percy Jackson (Percibeth), Primeval (Conby, Jecker, Memily), Merlin(Arther/Gwen), Homestuck. I am also a stage manager or an assistant stage manger, so there will be a bunch of theatre things! Just a warning I am horrible at spelling, but love to write! That's a very general sum up! I am also a HUGE supporter in gay rights! DFTBA!! And my favorite quote: "Can we just grow down please.. Be little again. Have playdates and have summer last forever! Back to not careing about what we look like and when boys had cootees!"